Welcome to the IHTA

The Irish horse trainers association was set up by a group of dedicated horse trainers to provide a platform for Horsemanship in Ireland. The association aims to promote a high standard of  Horsemanship  and to bring together quality trainers and horse owners in one place, to offer training, education, support, information and publicity .
Find a reputable Horse Trainer, Dealer or Instructor
We are currently building a directory of ethical, reliable and knowledgeable trainers, dealers, instructors, equine behaviourists  and equestrian suppliers throughout Ireland.

The range of equine services will include; traditional trainers, natural horsemanship practitioners and Ireland’s first directory of equine Dentists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, nutritionists and those involved in a wide variety of equestrian related professions eg. Equine assisted learning.
IHTA Membership
If you are looking for an experienced instructor, a reputable dealer, or a qualified behaviourist  this is the place to see and be seen!

Membership if the IHTA is free and members are divided into two levels:

IHTA member – A business or individual that has voluntarily signed up to our code of conduct.

IHTA Registered member – A business or individual who’s dealing with the public, training credentials, and animal welfare status have been verified or been vouched for by two other IHTA registered members.

Any individual or business found to be in breach of our code of conduct will be immediately removed from our directory!

We appreciate and encourage feedback on all our members