Code of Conduct

IHTA Code of conduct

  1. In all equestrian training the horse must be considered paramount.
  2. The well being of the horse shall be above the demands of breeders, trainers, riders, owners, dealers.
  3. The highest standards of nutrition, health, sanitation and safety shall be encouraged and maintained at all times.
  4. Emphasis should be placed on increasing education in training and equestrian practice.
  5. All riding and training methods must take account of the horse as a living entity and must not include any technique considered by the IHTA to be abusive.
  6. The national and international Rules and Regulations in equestrian sport regarding the health and welfare of the horse must be adhered to not only during national and international events, but also in training.
  7. To adhere to the professional standards of the IHTA and to work to further its goals and objectives.
  8. To ensure that the welfare of the  Horse is paramount and that every  Horse shall at all times be treated humanely and with dignity, respect and compassion.
  9. To adhere to The five freedoms
  10. To conduct all business affairs with integrity, sincerity and accuracy in an open and forth right manner.To act with integrity in financial dealings with clients, other professionals and the public.
  11. To handle our business and operations in a manner which promotes the image of the IHTA industry.
  12. To work together and to show each other the same respect and consideration as we do to the horse
  13. To instill confidence among clients and the public in the IHTA, avoiding any action conducive to discrediting it or membership in the IHTA

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